Dawson’s Locker

Providing Critical Day-to-Day Support to WNY Families

Dawson’s Locker resources are distributed by medical social workers to provide families seeking treatment for pediatric cancer with:

  • Gas cards
  • Grocery cards
  • Parking vouchers
  • Cafeteria vouchers
  • More!

Make a Difference in the Lives of Families Affected by Pediatric Cancer

The P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative is a public charity that relies entirely on individual donations and sponsorships to provide critical support and programs for families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Choose to have your donation stay local, or be used where it’s most needed.

Dawson’s Story with P.U.N.T.

Since his rookie season in 2019, Buffalo Bills TE Dawson Knox has handed over his heart to our cause. From literally giving us the shirt off his back (he donated his AFC championship jersey to us last season!), to his innovative fundraising footwork (#KnoxSox), to hosting an event in his own hometown, to putting our cause in the NBC spotlight during the Thanksgiving game, to helping us secure grants and giving generously of both his own time and treasure, this selfless and special human puts up and shows up time after time! Because of him, our programs are stronger (he’s helped secure over $500,000 at a time when we never needed it more) and our warrior smiles are wider. Thank you, #88, for taking us higher.

Why Should You Donate to Our Locker Programs?

Our Locker Programs offer direct support to families who need it most. Your donations make this possible – here’s why we hope you’ll donate to our Locker Programs to help families in need:

Your Donations Stay Local

Each of our Locker Programs is focused on a city that’s important to the sponsor. When you donate to a Locker Program, your money stays in that community, helping families that you might see in the grocery store, at the park, or at a school event.

Alleviating the Hidden Costs of Hospital Stays

For families who need to visit the hospital regularly, the costs of parking, meals in the cafeteria, and gas for the drives to and from can add significant costs. Our Locker Programs tackle these costly burdens directly, offering relief from the stress and costs associated with hospital visits.

Relief for Families Who Need it Most

Our Locker Programs partner directly with hospital social workers to ensure resources go to families who need them. Each locker is kept stocked with gift cards, vouchers and coupons that can be handed out at the discretion of those who see and work with these families every day.

Sponsored by P.U.N.T. Superstars!

Our Locker Programs are funded 100% by donations and sponsorships. Each individual Locker Program is sponsored by a P.U.N.T. Superstar – often current or former NFL or Buffalo Bills players looking to give back to their home communities!

Costs of Cancer

There are almost always hidden costs and challenges associated with a pediatric cancer diagnosis that may not be apparent from the outside looking in. One parent often stops working to help facilitate treatment and an income is instantly gone or wanes. Bills pile up quickly; nearly half of families facing pediatric cancer end up filing for medical bankruptcy.

Your donations stay local

When you donate to a specific Locker Program (Buffalo/Knoxville/Nashville), your money gets to work right within that community to lift burdens each and every day for families fighting pediatric cancer.